VesselVanguard White Label Concept for West Marine | Brand Development and Marketing Outline 


1. Position West Marine as a pro-active partner in boat ownership

2. Facilitate e-commerce sales

3. Create a seamless process to identify needed replacement parts based on boat profile data 

4. Enable closer customer linkage to enhance the image of West Marine customer care

5. Gather data on customer boats to facilitate store-based inventory management

6. Connect with incoming Millennial boat users expecting digital product purchases 


White label brand development process: 

For the purpose of this presentation we have developed an idea for the West Marine White Label platform, “My Marine Dashboard”. This naming option is presented as an idea only. We feel that it is representative of West Marine’s style and may be an option for further development. As we move forward we will work through a process that allows for the development of this product to be best positioned within the retail marine marketplace. The collaborative process will be as follows: 

1. Product Name & Logo Development 

2. Creative Development and Campaign Messaging 

3. Technical Development 

4. Product Launch 

2-Equipment List.png

White label brand marketing outline: 

To launch a brand in today’s digital stratosphere a multi-faceted and creative digital marketing plan is the most effective means to sales conversion. Once name and brand guidelines have been established, we will facilitate the creation and distribution of marketing assets as follows: 

1. Separate Web Site linkage from the West Marine.com Landing Page 

2. Sales Funnel Creation with CTA messaging 

3. Customer Direct Outbound applicaton promotion 

4. Automated Campaign E-Mails following capture 

5. IP Retargeting for site visits 

6. Targeted Social Media Display Campaign 

7. PPC Campaign 

8. Cross Sales on West Marine’s current digital platform 

9. Automated campaign to existing West Marine customer base 

10. Analytical Performance 

11. Reporting 

Product Fulfillment & Support 

1. Phone inquiries will be channeled to existing VesselVanguard customer sales staff who will answer, “Hello this is West marine Dashboard Support”. There is no sales support requirement from West Marine. 

2. Boat profile creation is supported by the existing VesselVanguard platform infrastructure 

3.The West Marine Dashboard Purchase API will link directly to the VesselVanguard Platform for seamless customer on-boarding and boat profile set-up. A reporting protocol will be established that provides daily overview of sales and set-up status. 

4. VesselVanguard will utilize its CRM to automatically capture inquiries and manage the customer journey. West Marine will be provided with full access to this CRM for management review and oversight.