1. We will offer Svedson customers a 20% discount on VesselVanguard Services.

  2. We will offer 5 Subscriptions to VesselVanguard for your most premier customers at a rate of 40% below market rates.

  3. We will provide a fleet dashboard to manage the above subscriptions and for all subscriptions that come through this campaign.

  4. We will create a ten part e-mail campaign to Svedson’s subscriber base. This campaign is designed to show the features and benefits to using VesselVanguard through Svedson’s Marina.

  5. Email Campaign execution to be from VesselVanguard

  6. Open and click data along with conversion from campaign will be used as a determining factor in success.

  7. VesselVanguard will host a branded landing page with the features and benefits of using VesselVanguard as a Svedson Customer.

  8. VesselVanguard will provide creative for facebook and sponsored campaign. *Did not find social media pages for Svedson.