The Customer Experience Tipping Point 

Customer Experience Optimization is the key battleground for boat manufacturers and fleet managers. Yet this is a battleground on which many companies struggle to devote resources. We help them win with no investment in technology infrastructure or added manpower.

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Boat Profile & Fleet Management Data 


Creating lifetime customers is the result of knowing how the boat performed with the specified OEM equipment and resulting maintenance experience. Equipment hours, routine, and non-routine corrective tasks events provides the real-time intelligence you need to control costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Owner Analytics

When you understand a customer’s real-time experience including the service support they are receiving, you have insight to resolve tactical events and increase customer satisfaction.

* Performance management 

Use customer feedback to identify areas of improvement in production, commissioning process, OEM selection, and dealer performance. 

* Issue management 

Accelerate your ability to identify customer satisfaction issues and take immediate action to ensure a positive outcome, and to understand and resolve systemic problems. 

* Post-sale Cost and Liability Management 

Consolidating OEM warranty status and recommended maintenance requirements history, provides actionable intelligence to reduce warranty claims, and ensure proper reimbursement for “customer happiness” claims.

Action Management 

Understanding your customers on-water experience and boat readiness status requires programmatic and historical data from a variety of interactions.