The best way to appreciate the value of the VesselVanguard application is to view it through the DEMO FLEET DASHBOARD. Once registered you can interact with fully functional boat profiles from within a fleet management dashboard – just as if you were a User. See at a glance the maintenance status of the sample boats and how easy it is to take action steps.

Automated Maintenance Management is the solution to complex boat systems. 

Whether boatyard or full-service marina, VesselVanguard keeps you informed of your customer’s needs before a routine task becomes overdue. By automating interval notification of recommended maintenance tasks we help you to stay ahead of customer requests keeping them informed and satisfied. Our digital communication platform links you and your customer with monthly or quarterly task notifications creating predictable service opportunities saving time and money.

VesselVanguard will be there each step of the way as you adopt and adapt to digital maintenance management. We help design and launch marketing campaigns aimed directly at your customers. These campaigns allow us to educate and to be an important resource should questions or concerns regarding the use of our software application.