Partnering with

2019 continues to be an exciting year at VesselVanguard. As awareness of our world class maintenance management app grows, more and more companies are realizing that there is real value in partnerships where one brand compliments the other.

We certainly saw that with Their site is dedicated to the objective review of all types of boats both new and old of any size. They provide a wealth of knowledge to those seeking to educate or entertain themselves on the boat ownership experience. Our digital and intuitive maintenance management platform provides a unique solution for members. And vice versa, is a great addition of information to our subscribers seeking to hear what others have to say about their boat, or a boat that they may be considering to buy.

Through the course of the year we will be sharing information with our subscriber base on the benefits of and how it can be used to enhance the boat ownership experience. We look forward to your feedback.

In celebration of our partnership is offering our subscriber base a discount of 20%. Use the code BT20 at check out.