Partnering with Boat US

We are pleased to partner with BoatUS where the commitment to make the boat ownership experience safer, smarter and more fun is alive and well. The VesselVanguard mobile application keeps you informed of recommended maintenance tasks so you stay in control and ahead of the curve. When service is upcoming your boat profile presents service options and action steps that are clearly defined so that with a few mouse clicks you can schedule service when most convenient. Our smart and simplified application turns best guess into best practice!

BoatUS proudly remains the single source of exceptional service and savings. They are steadfast in their commitment to protect boaters and their rights, making boating more safe, affordable and accessible - whether helping to have a safe day on the water, ensuring that boating taxes go to boating programs, offering competitive boat insurance coverage that boaters need, or having the largest on water towing fleet in the nation. 

We are pleased to offer BoatUS Members a partnership discount of 25%. Please use Code: VVBUS at the time of sale.