Svendsen's Bay Marine | Digital Customer Service


We are so happy to be working with Svendsen’s Bay Marine to provide next level customer service.

Located on the West Coast, Svendsen’s Bay Marine is a full service boat yard specializing in all aspects of marine engine service. By using the VesselVanguard application with each of their customers, Svendsen’s Bay Marine gains an overview to a customer’s boat profile all from an easy to use Fleet Dashboard. This makes proactive service a breeze. You can spend more time on the water and let Svendsen’s Bay Marine do the rest. Our software is designed to send both text and e-mail alerts to customers and their service providers at the same time.

Svendsen’s Bay Marine is also the authorized dealers of the world’s leading brands of marine power. Worried about how to care for the power of your boat. Want to access the manual for your engine from the palm of your hand.? VesselVanguard can do all of that. Ask your Svendsen’s Bay Marine Engine Specialist how.

VesselVanguard wants the integration of digital maintenance management into your business to be easy as well. We will work with you to custom design a digital marketing program designed to introduce VesselVanguard to your customer base.

In just a short amount of time we have had many Svendsen’s Bay Marine Customers inquire about how they can integrate an easy maintenance app into their boat ownership experience. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.